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Cautions: Important!

Cases Removed From Public Index | Currency of Information | Verify Identity | Felony Convictions | Types of Cases Included | Coroner Cases |
Dates Included/Historical Cases Prior to 1990 | Domestic Relations and Domestic Violence Cases (1980s) | Minor Offense Case Information

Cases Removed From Public Index

  • Alaska Rules of Court: Rules of Administration - Rule 40(a): Index to Cases.
    • Certain cases that are dismissed at the initial hearing for lack of evidence or because of an error in the charging document are removed from CourtView under Administrative Rule 40(a)(3)-(10). Qualifying cases should be removed from CourtView automatically, but some cases may be missed. To report a case that should have been removed under the rule, please submit form TF-810 to the court where the case was filed.
  • Alaska Statute 22.35.030: Records concerning criminal cases resulting in acquittal or dismissal.
    • "The Alaska Court System may not publish a court record of a criminal case on a publicly available website if 60 days has elapsed from the date of acquittal or dismissal and 1) the defendant was acquitted of all charges filed in the case; 2) all criminal charges against the defendant in the case have been dismissed and were not dismissed as part of a plea agreement in another criminal case under Rule 11, Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure; 3) the defendant was acquitted of some of the criminal charges in the case and the remaining charges were dismissed; or 4) all criminal charges against the defendant in the case have been dismissed after a suspended entry of judgment under AS 12.55.078."
    • Qualifying cases should be removed from CourtView automatically, but some cases may be missed. To report a case that should have been removed under this statute, please submit form TF-810 to the court where the case was filed.
  • Alaska Statute 04.21.078: Court records of persons under 21 years of age.
    • For offenses charged on or after October 4, 2016, the Alaska Court System will not publish on a publicly available website the court records of a violation of AS 04.16.049 or 04.16.050, or a similar ordinance of a municipality, if the violation was charged separately and was not joined with any other minor offense or criminal charge at the time of filing. Offenses charged before October 4, 2016, will remain online.

Currency of Information

Information appears on-line as soon as it is entered into the case management system. The clerks try to keep the system up-to-date, but some information may not be entered until several days after the event occurred.

Verify Identity

Do not assume that a person listed in this database is the person you are looking for without at least confirming that the date of birth is the same. The court system cautions employers, credit agencies, and others to verify identity before taking any adverse action against a person whose name appears in this database. Additional identifying information may be available in the case file. To request a copy of documents from the case file, contact the court in which the matter was filed.

Felony Convictions

Do not assume that a defendant was convicted of a felony based on the case type that appears on the Search Result screen and on the Case Summary screen. The case type only reflects the charges that appeared in the original charging document. If the original charging document included any felony charges, the case will be listed as a felony (either "District Court Felony” or "Superior Court Felony”), even if all the charges were eventually reduced to misdemeanors or dismissed.

Types of Cases Included

Information about confidential cases is not available on-line. For information about a confidential case, contact the court where the case was filed. Confidential case types include: Delinquency, CINA (Child in Need of Aid), Adoption, Mental Commitment, Alcohol Commitment, Emancipation, Medical Emergency, and Minor Settlement.

Information about cases that have been appealed to the Alaska Supreme Court or the Alaska Court of Appeals is available on the Appellate Courts Case Management System website.

Dates Included / Historical Cases Prior to 1990

There is no comprehensive case information available for any trial court location before 1990. Prior to 1990, courts maintained an alphabetical index of parties on paper index cards. The information on the index cards was limited to the case number and the name of the party or parties.

If a case filed prior to 1990 becomes active again, the case will be entered into CourtView, so your CourtView search results may include matters from the 1980s and 1970s, but you should not assume that all the cases from those years are included in CourtView.

As time allows, courts are manually converting the paper index cards to a statewide electronic Historical Index. Because this index includes confidential cases, it is not available to the public for research. You must ask a clerk to search it for you. Until all index cards have been entered into the electronic Historical index, a search of both index cards and the electronic historical index must be done to identify cases filed prior to 1990 pertaining to an individual.

Contact each court for complete information about cases before 1990.

Also see Cases from Closed Courts

Domestic Relations and Domestic Violence Cases (1980s)

For a time in the 1980s, the case number suffix for domestic relations and domestic violence cases were:

Case Type
Case Number Suffix
Domestic Relations
(Dissolutions, Divorces, Custody, etc.)
Domestic Violence DV

For the most part, when these cases were converted to CourtView, the case number suffix was changed to "CI” to match the current practice.  However, there were a few cases where the suffix could not be changed because there was another "CI” case with that same number. When searching for a case number involving one of these case types during this period, it is recommended that you perform two searches: one using the suffix "CI” and one using the suffix "DR” or "DV”.

Note: Cases filed before 1990 may not be listed in CourtView.  For more information, see Historical Cases Prior to 1990

Coroner Cases

Historical Coroner Cases. Prior to September 1996, the Alaska Court System was responsible for providing coroner functions. District court judges, magistrates and public administrators were statutorily authorized to perform coroner’s duties. Coroners were responsible for inquiring into the cause and manner of death of any person who had either died unattended by a physician or who had died suspiciously. To find an historical coroner case, (1) search on the decedent’s name in CourtView, or (2) contact the court nearest to the place of death for a search of paper index cards and the electronic Historical Index. See Historical Cases Prior to 1990.

Current Coroner Cases. In September 1996, the position of coroner was abolished by statute, and many of the coroner duties formerly performed by judicial officers were transferred to the Office of the State Medical Examiner.

The remaining judicial duties are now filed and numbered in CourtView as follows:

Type of Action CourtView
Case Type
Case Number Suffix
Petition for Inquest Civil Coroner CI
Petition for Presumptive Death Civil Coroner CI
Unclaimed Body Order Civil Coroner CI
Petition for Release of Property to Temporary Custodian
Under AS 12.65.105
Probate PR
Autopsy Challenges Superior Court
Civil Petition
Disinterment Superior Court
Civil Petition
Miscellaneous Request Superior Court
Civil Petition

Minor Offense Case Information

Minor offenses are defined in Minor Offense Rule 2. CourtView lists only non-confidential minor offenses filed with the court.

  1. Minor Offenses Charged on Citations. In Alaska, not all minor offense citations are filed with the court. Administrative Bulletin 39 explains which minor offense citations must be filed with the court. Minor offense citations filed with the court are assigned a minor offense case number except as provided in #3 below.
  2. Minor Offenses Charged on Complaints or Information. Minor offenses charged on a complaint or information are filed with the court system and assigned a minor offense case number except as provided in # 3 below. See Minor Offense Rule 4.
  3. Minor Offenses Joined with Related Criminal Offenses. Minor offenses joined with related criminal offenses are assigned a criminal case number. See Minor Offense Rule 17.
  4. Confidential Minor Offense Cases. Some minor offense cases may be made confidential under Administrative Rule 40(a). These cases are not available to the public.

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Searching & Navigation

Search Screen Information

There are three tabs for choosing the type of search.  Searching by case number is the default; choose another tab to search by name, or by ticket/citation number.

At the top of the search screen, you can select the Number of Results you want to display per page. Access to any additional pages is available at the bottom right corner of the screen.

The maximum number of records that will be returned for any given search is 500 cases. To view all cases involving a party with more than 500 cases, you must enter additional search parameters, such as searching by date ranges.

How to Enter Case Number

When entering a case number, you must use leading zeroes. The sequence number must be 5-digits. Dashes are required

For example: 3AN-12-00001CR

Searching for Party Names

To find all public cases about an individual:

  1. Search for multiple spellings.
  2. Suggest you use first initial. Search by common nicknames (for example, Bob for Robert).
  3. If you are not sure about the entire spelling of a last name, search on the first part of the name. For example: You can search on "Christ” for Christensen, Christiansen, Christianson etc.

Searching for Companies

To find all public cases about a company, you need to do three separate searches:

  1. Enter the first word of the company name in the Company Name field. Then click the SEARCH button. (If the result set is too large, try again with the first two words of the company name.)
  2. To perform the second search, delete the key word from the Company Name field. Enter the same word in the Last Name field. Then click the SEARCH button.
  3. To perform the third search, delete the key word from the Last Name field. Enter the same word in the First Name field. Then click the SEARCH button.

Searching for Wills

Use CourtView to search by name for wills deposited with any court in Alaska. Case numbers for wills end with a suffix of WI (example: 3AN-06-00001WI).

Understanding Case Information

  • Once you have entered the record of a case you will be on the "case detail screen”. There are two ways to navigate through case screens:
    • Scroll through the case detail screen. All information is on that screen.
    • To get to specific information, you can also click one of the tabs at the top to be taken to that section on the detail screen.
  • Events: Only hearings that took place after CourtView was installed in the court are listed in the "Event” screen. Earlier hearings are listed in the docket.
  • Party addresses and social security numbers are not displayed on web.

Docket Screen

The docket is a permanent, cumulative record of all proceedings in a case. Not all dockets represent documents in the case.

Some examples of what you may find in the docket include:

  • Motions filed and the results of those motions
  • Monies received for fines, restitution, bail, filing fees, and payments applied to judgments
  • Judicial assignments and/or reassignments
  • Documents filed in the case
  • Civil judgment information

Some examples of what you will not find in the docket include:

  • Event information (scheduled hearings and/or trial dates)
  • Sentencing details
  • Probation condition details
  • Proof of compliance of any treatment program or community work service

Event information is listed online under the “Event” tab.
See the case file for sentencing information, probation condition details, and proof of compliance information.

Case Disposition vs. Charge Disposition

In criminal and minor offense cases, only charge disposition displays. Do NOT assume that the defendant was convicted on all charges. Check the disposition for each charge.

In civil and small claims cases:

  • If all claims against all parties were dismissed, then case disposition will reflect that the case was dismissed.
  • If one or more claims resulted in a judgment, then the case disposition will reflect that the case was disposed by a judgment.
    • Do not assume that a judgment was entered against all defendants and on behalf of all plaintiffs. For complete information on how multiple claims were disposed, check the docket or the case file.

Case Status

In CourtView, there are three case statuses:

Open: Case has been initiated and has never been closed or reopened.

Closed: Generally, a case is closed when a final disposition on the case is entered. However, there are some exceptions as explained in the case status exception section below.

Reopened: Generally, a case is reopened for the following post-judgment activity. However, there are some exceptions as explained in the exception section below.

  • All case types:
    • Order Vacating or Setting Aside Judgment
    • Order for New Trial (Either after motion or appeal)
    • Appeal Decision Other than Affirmed
  • Criminal:
    • Petitions to revoke probation
    • Conviction is set aside
    • Motion to correct illegal sentence
  • Domestic Relations:
    • Motion to modify custody, support or visitation
    • Motion to extend child support for 18-year old
  • DV & Stalking:
    • Motion to modify or dissolve long term protective order
  • Estates:
    • Petition for subsequent administration

Case Status Exceptions: In CourtView, there are some functions that result in a case being closed and reopened besides the general rules listed above. These exceptions are:

  1. Judicial Reassignments. In CourtView, when a case is reassigned to another judge, the case is closed and automatically reopened. The case disposition will reflect a reassignment of a judge.

    Note: Many cases are opened without being assigned to a specific judge. When the case is assigned to a specific judge, the "case disposition” will reflect "Initial Judicial Assignment”. Thereafter, reassignments will reflect a disposition of preempt, recusal or administrative reassignment.
  2. Jurisdiction Change: If a case has been transferred from district court to superior court jurisdiction or vice versa, the case will be closed with a disposition showing the change in jurisdiction. The case will then be immediately reopened in the new jurisdiction.

Financial Activity

If there are fines, bail, costs or other financial activity on a case, the "Financial" and "Financial Dockets" tabs will display at the top of the case record screen. Click these tabs to view financial activity on the case. These tabs do not display if there is no financial activity on a case.

Cost, Due Dates, "Adjusted" Amounts, and Other Financial Activity

Costs include such things as:

  • Filing fees
  • Miscellaneous monies paid to the court for copies, etc.
  • Bail
  • Cash Bonds
  • Fines
  • Surcharges
  • Restitution
  • Other monetary judgment amounts entered in criminal cases (cost of imprisonment, cost of appointed counsel)
  • Monies collected and released in civil and small claims cases.

Financial information for a case is available by clicking the Financial Dockets tab at the top of case detail screen. The Financial Dockets listing includes costs on a case, amounts that have been adjusted, the adjustment reason and the balance due to the court.

The term "adjusted” means that the cost is no longer due to be paid to the court. However, if a cost has been "adjusted" there may still be a balance due payable to the state or city collections office. The "adjusted reason” will reflect if a cost has been transferred for collection. To determine why a cost has been adjusted: (1) Click the Financial tab; (2) hover over the (i) icon next to the amount adjusted. The adjusted reason will display.

If the adjustment reason is "Transferred for Collections," contact the state or city collections office to make payments or for information.


If the plaintiff is:


State of Alaska /
Shared Services of Alaska (SSoA)

Account Control Technology, Inc.
PO Box 9025
Renton WA 98057
Contact: 1-888-830-7770
Pay by Credit Card: 1-844-861-9777
Pay Online: ACTEZPay.com

Municipality of Anchorage

Anchorage Collections Unit
632 West 6th Ave.
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: (907) 343-6663
Web Site:

City of Cordova

602 Railroad Avenue
P.O. Box 1210
Cordova, AK 99674
Phone: (907) 424-6100

City of Dillingham

City of Dillingham
P.O. Box 889
Dillingham, AK 99576
Phone: (907) 842-5212

City of Fairbanks

Fairbanks City Clerk’s Office
City Hall
800 Cushman Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Phone: (907) 459-6702

Fairbanks North Star Borough

FNSB Clerk’s Office
P.O. Box 71267-1267
809 Pioneer Road
Fairbanks, AK 99701
Phone: (907) 459-1401

City of Houston

City Clerk
P.O. Box 940027
Houston, AK 99694-0027
Phone: (907) 892-6869

City & Borough of Juneau

City & Borough of Juneau Offices
155 S. Seward St.
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: (907) 586-5268

City of Kenai

City of Kenai
210 Fidalgo Ave., Suite 200
Kenai, AK 99611
Phone: (907) 283-8225

City of Ketchikan

City of Ketchikan
334 Main Street
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
Phone: (907) 225-3111

City of Kodiak

City of Kodiak
Finance Department
710 Mill Bay Road
Kodiak, AK 99615
Phone: (907) 486-8659

Ketchikan Gateway Borough

Ketchikan Gateway Borough
1900 First Avenue
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
Phone: (907)-225-6628

Matanuska-Susitna Borough

Mat-Su Borough
350 E. Dahlia Ave.
Palmer, AK 99645
Phone: (907) 745-9677

City of North Pole

City of North Pole
Accounts Payable
125 Snowman Lane
North Pole, AK 99705
Phone: (907) 488-8536
Web Site: www.northpolealaska.com

City of Palmer

City of Palmer
231 W. Evergreen Ave.
Palmer, AK 99645
Phone: (907)-745-0930

City & Borough of Sitka

City & Borough of Sitka
100 Lincoln St.
Sitka, AK 99835
Phone: (907) 747-1821

City of Wasilla

City of Wasilla
290 W. Herning Ave.
Wasilla, AK 99654
Phone: (907) 373-9082

City of Soldotna

City of Soldotna
177 North Birch St.
Soldotna, AK 99669
Phone: (907) 262-9107

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Other Information

Deciphering Case Numbers | Court Location Prefixes | Case Number Suffixes | Case Types | Requesting Copies of Court Records | Reporting Errors to Records | Reporting Technical Difficulties | CourtView Conversion Dates: the date each court started using the CourtView database

Deciphering Case Numbers

A case number is made up of four parts:

3PA - 98 - 01234CI
/       |        \            \
1         2       3          4

  1. The prefix tells you the judicial district and court.
    Alaska has four judicial districts. A map of the judicial districts is available on the court's website.
    In this example, 3PA stands for Third Judicial District, Palmer. A complete list of court location prefixes is provided below.
  2. This number is the year the case was filed with the court.
    In the example above, the case was filed in 1998. Paper documents for some older criminal case numbers may also have a letter before the year (S,C,M, or B); however, the letter has been removed in all electronic court case records and should not be included when searching for a court case.
  3. This number is the next available number in the sequence of cases filed that year.
    In this example, this case was the 1234th case filed in 1998.
  4. The suffix tells you the general category of the case.
    In the above example, CI stands for Civil. A complete list of case number suffixes is provided below. Case number suffixes change over time. For example, domestic violence cases used to have a separate suffix of DV; today they are assigned a CI suffix. If you do not get a satisfactory result when searching for a domestic relations or domestic violence case number filed prior to 1995, try searching on the case number using the following suffixes: DV, DR, and CI.

Court Location Prefixes, Conversion Dates, and Cases from Closed Courts

Location Prefix Judicial
Conversion Date Contact Court Some Cases
Available in
CourtView Public Access?
Anchorage 3AN Third October 20, 2003    
Angoon 1AG First September 27, 2010    
Aniak 4AK Fourth October 6, 2008    
Bethel 4BE Fourth October 6, 2008    
Buckland (closed) 2BU Second   Kotzebue No
Chevak* (closed) 4CH Fourth October 6, 2008 Hooper Bay Yes
Cold Bay (closed) 3CB Third   Homer No
Cordova 3CO Third May 5, 2008    
Craig (prefix superseded) 1CR First May 3, 2010 Prince of Wales Yes
Delta Junction 4DJ Fourth February 19, 2008    
Dillingham 3DI Third April 20, 2009    
Emmonak* 4EM Fourth October 6, 2008    
Fairbanks 4FA Fourth October 25, 2004    
Fort Yukon 4FY Fourth February 19, 2008    
Galena 4GA Fourth February 19, 2008    
Gambell (closed) 2GB Second   Nome No
Glennallen 3GL Third May 5, 2008    
Haines 1HA First September 27, 2010    
Healy (closed) 4HE Fourth February 19, 2008 Nenana Yes
Homer 3HO Third October 26, 2009    
Hoonah 1HN First May 17, 2010    
Hooper Bay* 4HB Fourth January 26, 2012
The first Hooper Bay case was filed on this date. There are no converted records.
Juneau 1JU First September 27, 2010    
Kake 1KA First May 3, 2010    
Kasigluk (closed) 4KS Fourth   Bethel No
Kenai 3KN Third October 5, 2009    
Ketchikan 1KE First May 17, 2010    
Kiana (closed) 2KI Second   Nome No
Kodiak 3KO Third April 20, 2009    
Kotzebue 2KB Second February 20, 2007    
McGrath (closed) 4MC Fourth October 6, 2008 Aniak Yes
Mekoryuk* (closed) 4ME Fourth   Bethel No
Mt. Village* (closed) 4MV Fourth   Aniak No
Naknek 3NA Third April 20, 2009    
Nenana 4NE Fourth February 19, 2008    
Nome 2NO Second February 20, 2007    
Noorvik (closed) 2NR Second   Nome No
Palmer 3PA Third August 2, 2002    
Pelican (closed) 1PL First   Sitka No
Petersburg 1PE First May 3, 2010    
Prince of Wales 1PW First January 4, 2016
The first Prince of Wales case was filed on this date. There are no converted records.
Point Hope (closed) 2PH Second   Utqiagvik No
Quinhagak (closed) 4QU Fourth   Bethel No
Rampart (closed) 4RA Fourth   Nenana No
St. Mary's* (closed) 4SM Fourth October 6, 2008 Aniak Yes
St. Paul Island
(Served by the Seward Court)
3ST Third October 26, 2009 Seward Yes
Sand Point
(Served by the Homer Court)
3SP Third May 5, 2008 Homer Yes
Savoonga (closed) 2SA Second   Nome No
Scammon Bay* (closed) 4SB Fourth   Hooper Bay No
Selawik (closed) 2SE Second   Nome No
Seldovia (closed) 3SL Third   Homer No
Seward 3SW Third October 26, 2009    
Shungnak (closed) 2SH Second   Nome No
Sitka 1SI First May 17, 2010    
Skagway 1SK First September 27, 2010    
Tanana (closed) 4TA Fourth February 19, 2008 Nenana Yes
Togiak (closed) 3TG Third   Dillingham No
Tok 4TO Fourth February 19, 2008    
Tununak (closed) 4TU Fourth   Bethel No
Unalakleet 2UT Second February 20, 2007    
Unalaska 3UN Third March 9, 2009    
Utqiagvik 2BA Second March 27, 2007    
Valdez 3VA Third May 5, 2008    
Wales (closed) 2WL Second   Nome No
Whittier (closed) 3WH Third   Anchorage Yes
Wrangell 1WR First May 3, 2010    
Yakutat 1YA First September 27, 2010    

* These locations were changed from the Second to the Fourth Judicial District in 2002. Cases filed in these locations before 2002 will have a "2" instead of a "4" in their prefix.

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Case Number Suffixes

Suffix Case Type Example
AU Alcohol Underage (non-criminal) 3DI-15-00010AU
CI Civil 2BA-98-01234CI
CO Coroner
(Pre-1996 cases only)
CR Criminal
(May also include minor consuming alcohol and repeat minor consuming alcohol cases, which are not crimes)
DR Domestic Relations - Divorce and Dissolution
(After January 1, 1995 DR cases carry the CI suffix)
DV Domestic Violence
(After January 1, 1995 DV cases carry the CI suffix)
No Suffix
Minor Offense - Violation or Infraction (non-criminal) 4RA-98-01234MO
PR Probate 3KN-98-01234PR
SC Small Claims 4BE-98-01234SC
TR Registration of Trusts 1PL-98-01234TR
WI Deposit of Wills 2SE-98-01234WI

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Case Types

Case type refers to the breakdown of different kinds of cases. For example, traffic, civil, divorces, dissolutions, probate, small claims and criminal etc. Confidential cases are not available through web access. Parties to a confidential case may only access file information at the courthouse and may be required to produce identification in order to view the file.

Examples of confidential cases include:

  • All children’s proceedings (Delinquency and Child In Need of Aid cases)
  • Adoptions
  • Alcohol Commitments
  • Mental Commitments
  • Emancipation
  • Most other probate cases types except estates and protective proceedings

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Questions About Case Records / Reporting Errors to Records

For questions about a case record, or if you believe a record in the database contains a factual error, please contact the court location where the matter was filed.

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Where to Post Bail

Outside Court Hours:

  • Bail may be posted only at the JAIL where the defendant is being held.

During Court Hours:

  • Bail may be posted at either the JAIL where defendant is located or at any COURT.

Exception: The jails in the following locations do not accept bail during court hours:

  • Glenallen
  • Kake
  • Ketchikan
  • Petersburg
  • Prince of Wales
  • Tok
  • Wrangell

If a defendant is in jail in one of these locations, bail may be posted only at the COURT during court hours.

Form of Payment: Check with the jail or court to find out what form of payment is accepted (cash only, money orders only, credit card, etc.)

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