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Three-Judge Sentencing Panel

This compilation of documents regarding sentencing referrals to three-judge panels (Criminal Rule 32.4) is provided by the Alaska Court System as a courtesy to practitioners – please note that this is not a comprehensive repository of all documents related to three-judge panels.

This webpage is a work in progress, with additional three-judge panel documents being added over time. If you are aware of a three-judge panel case that is not already listed in this database, please contact us at library@akcourts.us - provide the case name & case number and we will work to have the case added.

Disclaimer: the scanned documents contained in this repository are not a substitute for the original documents contained in the court case file.

Current members of the Three-Judge Sentencing Panel

Case Number Defendant Referral to / Decision of Panel
1JU-09-00194CR Jack, Thomas Referral | Decision
1JU-14-00503CR Healey, Kari Referral | Decision
1KE-14-00132CR Wodyga, Joshua Referral | Decision
3AN-02-03227CR Lapage, Alan Decision
3AN-06-02953CR Bombard, Scott Referral | Decision
3AN-06-04679CR Idzindki, Michael Referral | Decision
3AN-07-08904CR Egbe, Charles Referral | Decision
3AN-09-06839CR Trueblood, James Referral | Decision
3AN-10-05947CR Delapp, Christopher Referral | Decision
3AN-11-02205CR Campbell, Matthew Referral | Decision
3DI-06-00173CR Strub, Christopher Referral | Decision
3DI-10-00611CR Gamechuk, Tyrone Referral | Decision
3HO-11-00515CR Holt, Jeffery Referral | Decision
3PA-03-01098CR Harapat, Shane Referral | Decision
3PA-08-01354CR Cox, Ryan Referral | Decision
3PA-S07-00724CR Sugar, James Referral | Decision
3ST-10-00023CR Zacharoff, Richard Referral | Decision
3SW-07-00021CR &
Sandrock & Price Referral | Decision
3UN-12-00051CR Balallo, Ismael Referral | Decision
3VA-07-00113CR Bullock, Justin Referral | Decision
4FA-07-00409CR Garner, Kevin Referral | Decision
4FA-09-02553CR Henry, Arie Referral | Decision
4NE-13-00120CR Call, Curtis Referral | Decision

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