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Justice For All Project

In December of 2016, the Alaska State Court System (through its Access to Justice Committee (ATJ)) received a Justice For All (JFA) grant from the Public Welfare Foundation administered by the National Center for State Courts. The grant supported the development of a statewide action plan to expand access to justice.

Expanding access to justice requires innovation and moving past the idea that an attorney or a courtroom is the best or only solution for Alaskans. Partnering across legal, social services, medical and information providers to address the array of justice needs that people face may be the key to the early detection, diagnosis and intervention necessary to empower Alaskans to solve their problems before they find themselves in the legal system. Innovating the way we understand “justice” and the ways we provide “access,” are the guiding principles of the JFA plan.

For more information, please contact Stacey Marz, Director of Self-Help & Language Access Services, 907-264-0877.

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