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Class Specifications

Jobs for Justice!

Welcome, and thank you for considering a career with the Alaska Court System. The Alaska Court System has over 40 court locations throughout the State of Alaska and employs approximately 125 judges and magistrate judges and over 700 non-judicial employees. The Alaska Court System offers a variety of positions requiring different skills and abilities and is looking for employees who are committed to providing excellent customer service to the public, while advancing the mission of the court system.

Vacancies are filled through a formal competitive process and selections for classified positions are based on merit principles. This means that individuals are chosen on the basis of their training, experience, and ability without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, marital status, changes in marital status, pregnancy, parenthood, veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other non-meritorious reason.

Complete recruitment information for current vacancies is available on Workplace Alaska. To apply online, visit Workplace Alaska and go to the Job Search page, then select Court System from the Department section. If you have any questions, contact the Alaska Court System Human Resources Department at (907) 264-8242 or by email.

Current vacancies


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Locations & Hours

Alaska Court System business hours are Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm and Friday, 8:00 am - 12 noon.
Court offices are closed on all state-observed holidays.

Human Resources Department
Alaska Court System
820 West Fourth Avenue
Anchorage AK 99501

(907) 264-8242
Fax: (907) 264-8262


711 (TTY service within Alaska)
(800) 770-8973 (TTY service outside Alaska)

Job Hotline: (907) 264-8255

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Information for Prospective Law Clerks

2018 General Information for Prospective Law Clerks

Benefits at a Glance for Law Clerks

Application Deadlines for the 2020-2021 Clerkship

Applications for Supreme Court law clerk positions for the 2020-2021 clerkship should be received no later than September 6, 2019 to be reviewed in time for the formal selection process. However, individual justices may make offers before that date, and applications received after that time may also be reviewed by individual justices who have not yet made their selections.

Applications for law clerk positions with the Alaska Court of Appeals should be received no later than September 13, 2019. The court may make some job offers prior to the application deadline. For this reason, we urge you to submit your application early in the fall semester.

Applications for law clerk positions with Superior Court judges should be received no later than October 31, 2019. Individual judges may make job offers prior to the application deadline.

Applications for law clerk positions with the District Court in Anchorage should be received no later than October 31, 2019. The Anchorage District Court may make job offers prior to the application deadline.

The Law Clerk Handbook will be updated in the summer of 2019 to reflect any changes in salary, benefits, or recruitment procedures.

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Class Specifications

The class specifications listed below are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files unless otherwise noted.

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List of Class Specifications in Alphabetical Order by Job Title
Class Code Title Salary Range
C0146 Accounting Supervisor 18
C3604 Accounting Technician I 14
C3605 Accounting Technician II 16
C0121 Administrative Assistant I 12
C0127 Administrative Assistant II 13
C0236 Administrative Assistant III 14
C3105 Administrative Attorney III 24
C0007 Administrative Director EX
C3803 Administrative Office Manager 15
C3129 Administrative Program Manager I 14
C4201 Area Court Administrator I 22
C4202 Area Court Administrator II 24
C4203 Area Court Administrator III 25
C0106 Assistant Clerk 9
C0327 Assistant Custody Investigator 18
C0140 Assistant Facilities Manager 22
C3422 Audio and Video Specialist 18
C0280 Bailiff 6
C3721 Central Services Clerk I 9
C3720 Central Services Senior Clerk 12
C3702 Central Services Supervisor 14
C0109 Chief Deputy Clerk I 14
C0115 Chief Deputy Clerk II 16
C0110 Chief Deputy Clerk III 18
C5202 Chief Deputy Clerk of the Appellate Courts 18
C0196 Chief Technology Officer 25
C4215 Child Support Analyst 16
C0107 Clerk 10
C4220 Clerk of Court 12
C0132 Clerk of Court I 12
C0133 Clerk of Court II 12
C4224 Clerk of Court III 14
C0135 Clerk of Court IV 18
C0136 Clerk of Court V 20
C4226 Clerk of Court VI 22
C0277 CMS Analyst I 14
C3452 CMS Analyst II 16
C0279 CMS Analyst III 18
C4211 CMS Analyst I - Appellate 16
C4212 CMS Analyst II - Appellate 18
C3450 CMS Manager 22
C5204 Communications Counsel 24
C3603 Court Accounting Analyst 18
C3130 Court Analyst - Technical Writer I 14
C3131 Court Analyst - Technical Writer II 16
C5205 Court of Appeals Staff Attorney I 22
C5206 Court of Appeals Staff Attorney II 23
C0300 Court Reports Programmer I 18
C0301 Court Reports Programmer II 20
C3106 Court Rules Attorney 24
C4321 Court Supervisor I 12
C4322 Court Supervisor II 13
C4323 Court Supervisor III 14
C4324 Court Supervisor IV 15
C4325 Court Supervisor V 16
C0329 Custody Investigator I 20
C0328 Custody Investigator II 22
C0194 Database Administrator I 20
C0681 Deputy Administrative Director 30
C0111 Deputy Clerk I 9
C0112 Deputy Clerk II 10
C0113 Deputy Clerk III 12
C3502 Deputy Human Resources Director 21
C4108 Deputy Magistrate II 16
C0271 Electronics Technician I 14
C0272 Electronics Technician II 15
C0157 Facilitator 13
C3300 Facilities Manager 24
C3304 Facilities Project Manager II 22
C0155 Family Law Resource Director 24
C4214 Family Law Staff Attorney I 20
C3602 Finance Officer 22
C3454 Forms Programmer I 14
C3420 Help Desk Coordinator 16
C3421 Help Desk Technician 14
C0172 Human Resources Analyst I 16
C3505 Human Resources Generalist I 12
C3506 Human Resources Generalist II 14
C0187 Imaging Technician I 9
C0188 Imaging Technician II 10
C3404 Integrated Justice Coordinator 21
C3127 Interpreter Services Coordinator I 16
C3128 Interpreter Services Coordinator II 18
C0688 Law Clerk I (Superior & District Courts) 13
C0686 Law Clerk II (Appellate Court) 14
C0687 Law Clerk III (Supreme Court) 15
C3201 Law Librarian 17
C3301 Leasing & Contracts Manager 18
C0128 Legal Technician I 12
C0129 Legal Technician II 13
C0249 Library Assistant I 8
C0250 Library Assistant II 10
C3206 Library Assistant III 12
C0252 Library Reference Technician 14
C0242 Magistrate Education Coordinator 24
C4103 Magistrate Judge I 17
C4104 Magistrate Judge II 19
C4105 Magistrate Judge III 22
C4106 Magistrate Judge IV 24
C0339 Network Manager 23
C0302 Network System Administrator 22
C0303 Network Specialist I 18
C0190 Offset Duplication Machine Operator 12
C3504 Payroll Supervisor 17
C0214 Procurement Specialist I 14
C0215 Procurement Specialist II 16
C3423 Programmer / Analyst I 18
C3425 Programmer / Analyst III 21
C3020 Project Coordinator I 16
C3021 Project Coordinator II 18
C4213 Project Manager - Appellate 20
C3109 Project Manager - E-Filing 23
C4304 Real-Time Reporter 16
C0193 Records Manager 18
C3123 Resource Development Officer 22
C4204 Rural Court Training Assistant I 14
C4205 Rural Court Training Assistant II 16
C4206 Rural Court Training Assistant III 18
C0100 Senior Accounting Clerk 12
C0108 Senior Clerk 12
C3801 State Jury Coordinator I 14
C3802 State Jury Coordinator II 16
C3200 State Law Librarian 23
C3608 Supply Technician 12
C5203 Supreme Court Staff Attorney 24
C3408 Technical Services Manager 22
C3406 Technical Support Supervisor I 18
C3125 Therapeutic Courts Program Coordinator 22
C5301 Transcript Supervisor 14
C5302 Transcripts Clerk 12
C3110 Trial Court Staff Attorney 22

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