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How to Prepare Your Exhibits, SHC-1084

THE EXCHANGE: You Get To See Theirs and They Get To See Yours

According to the Civil Rules of Procedure PDF, you get to see the other side's exhibits before the hearing/trial so that you can think about any objections or comments you might have, just as they get to see yours. This is called exchanging exhibits.

As part of your pre-trial order, the Judge will pick a specific date, sometime before your hearing/trial, by which you and the other side need to exchange copies of each other's exhibits.

GETTING READY: You need to Choose and Prepare Your Exhibits

Step 1: The Deadline

Read your pre-trial order and find out the deadline for exchanging copies with the other side.

Step 2: Sorting

Sort your papers, pictures, receipts, etc...

Step 3: Planning Your Case

Decide what you might want to use

Step 4: Stickers & Copying

Now it is time to physically prepare the items and documents selected so that you will have an exhibit packet ready for copying and distribution. This packet will include the Exhibit List, Form TF-200, as the cover page, and then each individually labeled and stapled exhibit.

Step 5: Giving Them to the Other Side

The last step is to give one copy of the packet to the other side by the deadline on the pre-trial order. You can mail the packet or hand deliver it.

Remember: DO NOT file the list or actual exhibits with the court before your trial/hearing. Nothing goes to the judge until you are in your hearing and you come to the part of your case when you try to admit a particular exhibit.

GO: Learn How to Get Your Exhibit Admitted in Court

Just because you have exhibits to give to the court, does not necessarily mean that they will be accepted. In fact, the Judge cannot consider an exhibit until it is admitted into evidence.

Learn more about how to admit your exhibits by reading:
Introduction to Getting An Exhibit Admitted, SHC-1083

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