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Starting the Appeal section (Print-Version)

Step 1: The Superior Court Record

What is the record?

It is all of the paperwork that both sides filed and that the judge issued in the Superior Court case. This usually includes pleadings, motion papers, evidence, exhibits, orders and the final judgment. The record also includes the audio recording of hearings and trial.

Why is it important?

You need to review the record before filing an appeal:

Does the Supreme Court get the record?

Yes. The Superior Court will send the record to the Supreme Court.

How do you review the record?

Go to the courthouse where you filed your Superior Court case. Have your Superior Court case number handy so you can request your file. Review your file. Most important:

What do you do after reviewing the record?

  1. You need to decide which, if any, parts of your final judgment you should appeal. Consult with an attorney, if possible, regarding the likelihood of winning your appeal.
  2. Make sure you know the deadline to file your appeal which depends on the type of case you have. Please read Appellate Rule 204 PDF and Appellate Rules 216-220 PDF.
  3. This is Step 1 so keep reading and follow the remaining steps to start the appeal.

Rev. 10 December 2014
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