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Civil Appeal: Superior Court to Supreme Court

This website discusses how to represent yourself in a case involving an appeal of a civil final judgment or order from the Superior Court to the Supreme Court. It does NOT discuss how to file an appeal in a criminal case to the Court of Appeals or other lower court appeals.

The civil appeals process is complicated, long and expensive. The process can take over two years. You should consult with an attorney if possible to discuss your case. It is important to read ALL of the information provided on this website before filing your appeal. The links below and the Forms and Instructions section provide detailed information about each part of the appeal process.

ATTENTION: Some links within Word & PDF files are not opening. Open them from the Forms, Instructions and Publications webpage. We're working to fix this problem. Please call 907-264-0851/866-279-0851 if you need help.

Background Information about Appeals

Appeals Process - Step by Step & Timeline Adobe Acrobat PDF logo

Starting and Filing an Appeal

Responding to an Appeal


Briefs: Preparing the Written Argument

Excerpt of Record: the Relevant Parts of the Record

Oral Argument

End of the Appeal

Making Requests of the Court – Filing Motions

List of Appeals Forms & Sample Documents

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