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Appellant's reply brief

What is the reply brief?

The reply brief is the third brief in the series and is filed by the appellant. The reply brief addresses issues that were raised previously in either the appellant's opening brief or the appellee's brief, but should not raise any new issues.

How do you write the reply brief?

The appellant may file an appeal brief that replies to the issues raised in the appellee's brief. The reply brief can only address issues that were raised previously in either the appellant's or appellee's brief. The reply brief should not raise any new issues. The appellant's reply brief should:

What sections should be in the reply brief?

The appellant's reply brief should include:

For a detailed description and examples of each section in the briefs, please read the opening brief page.

How long is the reply brief?

The appellant's reply brief can be no longer than 20 pages.

When is the reply brief due?

The appellant's reply brief is due within 20 days after the appellee serves the appellee's brief.

Do you have to file a reply brief?

No, it is not required. The appellant should only file a reply brief if you think it is necessary to address something the appellee said in the appellee's brief that you didn't discuss in the opening brief.

If you think the Court can decide the issues based on the appellant's opening brief and the appellee's brief, you do not have to file a reply brief. If you do not plan to file a reply brief, file

Is there a form brief I can file?

You can file:

Please note that this brief is designed for people representing themselves when appealing a civil decision to the Alaska Supreme Court. It is designed to make the process of writing about the issues on appeal to the Supreme Court simpler.

What formatting is required?

There are very specific requirements for what a brief looks like. Please follow very carefully what the formatting section says so that your brief will be accepted. If your brief does not include all of the required formatting, the court may reject it. Please read the Top Ten Reasons Why Briefs and Excerpts of Record are Rejected PDF.

Does the appellee get to file a brief after appellant's reply brief?

No. The only appeal brief that the appellee files is the appellee's brief.

Rev. 3 April 2015
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