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Parenting Resources

Community and/or Faith Based Classes | Counseling Services | Books & Articles | On-Line Resources

There are many resources to help parents through this difficult time. You and your children will benefit if you reach out for information, support and guidance during this time of change in your family. Your court case will also go much more smoothly if you find and use resources that help you through this process.

Parenting resources usually cover some or all of the following topics:

Infant, Baby & Toddler Care
Very young children require a lot of adult attention to ensure their environment is safe and nurturing. Resources focused on infant, baby and toddler care help caregivers design safe environments and develop good habits.

Ages & Stages
Ages & Stages resources typically explore how the needs and behavior of children change as they age. These resources may also explore how specific age groups handle the stress of parents splitting up.

Whether parents are living together or separate, they must find effective, constructive and safe ways to communicate about their children. Under any circumstances, it is normal to occasionally disagree about how to parent.  It is more stressful when the parents’ relationship has broken down. Co-Parenting resources help parents learn communication strategies to resolve conflict and improve communication for the benefit of the children.

Parenting Plans
Everyone needs a schedule that clearly states when the children will be with each parent. The schedule should work for the children and both parents. Parenting Plan resources focus on helping parents develop a parenting schedule that will become the basis of their custody order. Understanding of your child’s developmental needs, as discussed in the Ages & Stages materials, is important to develop a schedule that is appropriate for your child. Also, Co-Parenting resources that help parents with their communication can make it easier to figure out a schedule that is reasonable and works for both parents.

Resources that address the above topics include:

Community and/or Faith Based Classes

Communities throughout Alaska work to support families. Visit our list of parenting classes to learn what is available in your community. Also be sure to ask at your local school or area churches for additional parenting resources.

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Counseling Services

Counseling services include a broad range of professions and approaches, such as pastors, therapists, psychologists, social workers or counselors. The important thing is that during this time of enormous change and upheaval in your life, you find support and give yourself the opportunity to speak freely and confidentially. Counselors can also help you problem solve when it comes to developing a custody plan.

Here are some places to check to find a resource that fits your needs and budget:

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Books & Articles

A quick search on or other internet book sellers will reveal many, many books on the topics of divorce and custody. Friends, family and professionals will have recommendations. Below are just a few you may find helpful.

For young children:

For older children

For Parents

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On-Line Resources

There are many on-line resources to help parents with parenting issues, as well as divorce and custody specifically.

Children in Between Online at is, so far, the only Alaska Court System approved on-line course. This course teaches specific communication techniques for divorced and separated parents to minimize conflict between the parents and improve things for the child(ren), and provides a workbook with extensive resources. Local court requirements vary; check the parent education requirements for your local court.

Two Homes, a 20-minute video produced by the Alaska Court System that you can watch for free on-line at Some Alaska court locations require this video as well. Check the parent education requirements for your local court.

As you think about parenting during this time of change, you may also find the following pages useful:

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