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Filing the papers

What papers do you need to start the appeal?

Fill out the:

and include:

How do you get a copy of the Final Judgment or Order you are appealing?

If you do not have a copy, you can review your Superior Court file and make a copy for a fee. You can also request a copy from the court, but there may be a research and copying fee.

When do you need to file papers to start the appeal?

To start the appeal, file the required papers

What if you miss the deadline to file an appeal?

If you are filing after the deadline stated in the Appellate Rules 216-220 PDF, you must ask the Supreme Court to accept your late appeal. File:


The other side may file an opposition to your motion, arguing that you should not be allowed to file late. To understand the timelines and format to file a motion or an opposition, please read our motion page and Appellate Rule 503 PDF.

Does the deadline to appeal change if you file a motion in the Superior Court after final judgment?

The time to file an appeal is stopped by a timely motion filed in the Superior Court such as a:

The full time for an appeal starts to run again on the date you get notice that the Superior Court issued an order on the motion. With a Motion for Reconsideration, the motion is considered denied if the Superior Court does not issue a ruling within 30 days from the date it is filed, or within 30 days from the date the response is filed if requested by the court, whichever is later. The full time for an appeal starts to run again on the date it is considered denied.

Do you need to give the opposing party copies of the documents you file?

Yes. All documents you file with the court must also be provided to all other parties. Indicate on the Certificate of Service on page 2 of the Docketing Statement the date and method of delivery (U.S. mail or personal delivery) you will use to serve the other side (or their attorney).

What do you do after filling out all the papers?

After you have all of the documents ready, make 3 copies of everything. File the original and one copy in the Appellate Clerk's Office in the Boney Courthouse in Anchorage.

Where do you file the papers?

File at the Appellate Court Clerk’s Office:

Alaska Appellate Courts
303 K Street
Anchorage, AK 99501-2084

How much does it cost to appeal?

To start the appeal, the appellant must pay:




For more information, read about the filing fee and costs.

Rev. 2 January 2018
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