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Cross-appeals section (Print-Version)

Starting the cross-appeal

How do you cross-appeal?

You need to follow the same procedure and file the same documents that the appellant uses to start the appeal. This includes paying the filing fee and cost bond. However, there may be different deadlines involved in a cross-appeal. Please read carefully the cross-appeal section. To understand the process and papers for filing a cross appeal, please read the information on starting and filing an appeal.

When is the cross-appeal due?

You must file the papers to start the cross-appeal


depending on which period ends last. So you need to look at the dates on both documents. From the date the Notice of Appeal was filed, add 14 days. From the date of the clerk’s certificate of distribution on the final judgment, add 30 days. Figure out which date is later. You must file your cross-appeal before that date.

Will the Superior Court record for the cross-appeal be the same as the appeal?

The Superior Court shall prepare 1 record on appeal for both the appeal and cross-appeal. So you will cite to the same record for the cross-appeal and the appeal.

Rev. 02 January 2007
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