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Powers of Attorney & Health Care Directives

Power of Attorney for care of a child

A parent may choose to delegate his or her parental rights to another person for up to one year. This is often called a Delegation of Powers by Parent or Guardian. It can be revoked by the parents or guardians at any time for any reason, AS 13.26.020. You can fill out Delegation of Powers by Parent or Guardian, PG-700 Adobe Acrobat PDF logo. You do not file this form in court, but instead provide it to the person to whom you are delegating powers and keep a copy for yourself.

Power of Attorney for an adult

For information about making a power of attorney for an adult, please see Alaska Legal Services's Power of Attorney form & instructions: Word | Fill-In PDF

To understand how a power of attorney is different from a guardianship, please see Office of Public Advocacy's Public Guardian information page.

Health Care Directives

For information about health care directives and living wills, please see Alaska Legal Services Corporation's Advance Health Care Directive forms and instructions (Word Document).

22 December 2016
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