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Alaska Rules of Court

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2014 - 2015 Alaska Rules of Court

Rules are provided in HTML unless otherwise noted.

Complete unannotated 2014 - 2015
Alaska Rules of Court

Including any currently effective, recent rule changes adopted after the print edition's publication deadline.

To copy and paste any portion of the rules from the HTML format into another document, highlight the text that you want to copy with your cursor. Then, click on EDIT on the toolbar. In the dropdown menu that appears, click on COPY. You can then either open your word processing program or click on your open document on your taskbar. Place your cursor at the point in the document text where you want the rule language to appear, and click on the PASTE icon or word in the toolbar.

Administration Rules Civil Procedure Judicial Conduct Commission Rules
Adoption Rules Code of Judicial Conduct Minor Offense Procedure
Appellate Procedure Criminal Procedure Probate Procedure
Bar Rules Delinquency Rules Professional Conduct
Bylaws of the Alaska Bar Association District Court Rules of Civil Procedure Supreme Court Orders (SCOs)
Create and amend Alaska Rules of Court
Child in Need of Aid Rules Evidence
Evidence Commentary

Note: The District Court Rules of Criminal Procedure were rescinded or renumbered in 2013.

About the Alaska Rules of Court

The Alaska Rules of Court are the rules for the administration of all courts in the state and for practice and procedure in civil and criminal cases established by the supreme court under the authority of the Alaska Constitution. The supreme court has also adopted rules for the practice of law in Alaska and procedural rules for children's matters, probate, and appeals.

The current Rules are available above, and the print version is available at all Alaska Court System law libraries and some public libraries. The official publisher of the Alaska Rules of Court is Tower Publishing. Their toll-free number is 1-800-969-8693.

Most Alaska rules are enacted and amended by supreme court order (SCO), which the court issues on a periodic basis. Print versions of all SCOs are available at the Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks law libraries. The Alaska Legislature may also change the court's procedural rules by passing an act expressing its intent to do so by a two-thirds majority of both houses. The Alaska Legislature website provides information about pending legislation.

Rule Changes

Rule Changes since October 15, 2014 (date of publication of the 2014-2015 main edition of the Alaska Rules of Court):

Note: If you are not able to access the PDF files listed below, please contact Court Rules at 907-264-8231 for assistance.

Appellate Rule 305(a)(2) amended by SCO 1842 effective April 15, 2015
Appellate Rule 403(f) amended by SCO 1842 effective April 15, 2015
Appellate Rule 503(e) amended by SCO 1842 effective April 15, 2015
Appellate Rule 503.5 amended by SCO 1842 effective April 15, 2015
Appellate Rule 510(c) amended by SCO 1842 effective April 15, 2015
CINA Rule 24 added by SCO 1784 effective October 1, 2014
CINA Rule 25 added by SCO 1784 effective October 1, 2014

Request for Comments

Currently no requests for comments.

Rev. 15 October 2014
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