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Library Services

Need Help?

The Alaska State Court Law Library is staffed by professional librarians and paraprofessional library assistants. Library staff can provide you with help using the library’s public computers, copiers, or catalog. We can also provide general research assistance, help you locate a specific document, or assist you with legislative history research.

Note: Library staff cannot give legal advice, interpret the law for you, tell you how to proceed in a court action or do legal research for you. Please see our "How Can Law Library Staff Help You?" section below and our legal research and advice policy and for more information.

  • Email us
  • Call the Anchorage Reference desk at 907-264-0585, or dial toll free: 888-282-2082 (in Alaska, but outside the Municipality of Anchorage)
  • Email, fax, or mail a Request for Information form

How Can Law Library Staff Help You?

Library staff can:

  • Explain how to use legal research tools
  • Help you locate a particular statute or case when you have a specific reference or citation
  • Direct you to sources of law, including statutes and cases
  • Direct you to books containing forms and court rules
  • Recommend sources to begin your research
  • Direct you to materials for your school assignment
  • Refer you to agencies

Library staff cannot:

  • Give legal advice
  • Interpret the meaning of statutes, cases or regulations
  • Select statutes, cases or regulations for your situation
  • Choose specific forms or language to use in forms
  • Tell you how to file a document, what document to file, or how to proceed with court actions
  • State opinions on legal matters
  • Do legal research for you

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Search Library Resources

Search for online & print resources in law libraries statewide

The new Integrated Library System is now online, this is the same search box that is on the library homepage, duplicated here for your convenience.

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Online Legal Research Resources

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Library Services for Court Staff

Chambers Subscriptions

Anchorage law library staff manage chambers subscriptions to primary Alaska legal materials including the Alaska administrative code, reporter, statutes, and rules. Orders for replacement or additional materials in this category should be submitted to your area court administrator using the Law Library Order Request form. Contact your ACA or the law library at library@akcourts.us for a copy of this form. For more in depth information see How to Manage Your Books.

All other publications can be purchased through Web Venice, the court system’s purchasing program, with approval from your ACA.

Interlibrary Loan

If you cannot find what you are looking for at your library, in WestlawNext, or from the Internet, contact Anchorage reference staff or your local law library staff. All material at the Anchorage Law Library is available for your use regardless of your location. Library staff can locate and borrow material from other law libraries using interlibrary loan. Requests are routinely handled the same day they are received.

Library Databases

Search Library Resources

The following links work on court computers only:

There is no restriction on the amount of time you can spend on WestlawNext, but some databases are excluded from our flat rate agreement, and will incur additional charges or be blocked altogether. If you need something that is only available in an excluded database, please contact Ashley Stewart.

Internet Research

Bluebook Rule 18.2 requires citation to print sources rather than electronic, unless the information is not available in printed form, or if there is an authenticated, official, or exact digital copy of the printed source. Before relying on or citing to an electronic source, please contact a law librarian. We can help you determine if a resource is available in print and can usually get a copy for you, even if we don't own it.

The web is a vast unregulated collection of information, and we urge you to carefully evaluate all web sites for currency, authenticity and accuracy. Don't hesitate to contact one of our librarians before turning to the internet for your research needs. We are trained to find information from the most efficient and most reliable resource, and in many cases the best resource is not the internet.

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