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Administrative Bulletins Referenced in the Alaska Rules of Court

Administrative Bulletins are Adobe Acrobat PDF documents unless otherwise indicated.

No. Subject Date
No. 1 Petit juror selection in Bethel rescinded 12/31/2003
No. 7 Case numbering 1/1/2015
No. 7.1 Case numbering in CourtView Courts rescinded 9/27/2010
No. 9 Exhibit Procedures 10/15/2005
No. 12 Guidelines for Inspecting and Obtaining Copies of Public Records 2/15/2008
No. 17 Preparation of Typed Sentencing Transcripts 9/15/1987
No. 19 Playback of Trial Testimony 8/27/1985
No. 20 Confidential Tapes 2/23/1990
No. 21 Tape and Compact Disk ("CD") Numbering Policy 1/1/2002
No. 22 Log Notes 9/15/1993
No. 23 Audio, Video and Computer Tape Security 12/7/1988
No. 25 Records retention 2/10/2011
No. 27 Additional Trial Sites 1/1/2015
No. 28 Additional Trial Site Standards 12/4/1986
No. 31 Transcript Form 10/14/1998
No. 39 Processing of Minor Offense Citations Issued by Municipal Peace Officers or Other Persons Authorized by Law to Issue Citations 10/15/2014
No. 43 Electronic Levy on the PFD by Governments for Debt Collection 3/1/2014
No. 43.1 Collection of Delinquent Fines and Forfeited Bonds by Electronic Execution rescinded 1/1/2012
No. 43.2 Use of Electronic Execution to Collect Delinquent Fines Owed to the Municipality of Anchorage rescinded 1/1/2012
No. 45 Media Coverage 9/12/1989
No. 46 Micrographics Quality Control Standards 11/21/1989
No. 48
 App. A-C
Case File Management Standards
 - 1st and 2nd Districts
 - 3rd District
 - 4th District
No. 48.1 Case File Management Standards - Amendment 1 9/15/1991
No. 53 Implementation of the Victims' Rights Act of 1991 1/30/2009
No. 65 Adjusted Federal Poverty Guidelines for Each Court Location 6/10/2014
No. 66 Jury Fees 8/4/2006
No. 68 Calculation of Interest on Judgments and Allocation of Payments to Costs, Interest and Principal 11/25/2003
No. 79 Costs of Telephonic Hearings 8/11/2014
No. 80 Arrest Warrants and Bench Warrants 1/25/2011
No. 82 Interpreter Fees 4/23/2014
No. 83 Minor Offense Citation – Required Contents 6/24/2014
No. 86 Search Warrant Records 12/15/2014

Rev. 5 January 2015
© Alaska Court System

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